Friday, April 15, 2011

What addiction looks like

I see people ask all the time on forums - should I get an iPad? What would I do with it? What do you do with it? And it's kind of a hard question to answer in a way that conveys just how attached I've grown to the device in a short time. But I think the conversation I had with myself tonight offers a glimpse of how it manages to make itself mysteriously indispensable:

I'd packed for a road trip today, but decided at the last minute to leave in the morning due to thunderstorms. But I'd already put my backpack, with iPad in it, in my car trunk, and I decided I'd leave it there. No iPad this afternoon or evening, I could do that, right?

A couple hours ago I started baking a cake for my husband's birthday. This is when my inner dialogue began:

Me: Ooh, ooh, if we got the iPad out of the car we could play Pocket Frogs while the cake bakes! Or read the ebook we started the other day!

Me: Or we could leave it there and play the DS we haven't touched since buying the iPad. Or read a paper book, remember those?

Me: Fine. *pout*

*starts getting baking stuff together*

Me: Gee, if only we had the iPad out, we could listen to Pandora while baking....

Me: FINE, I will go out in the rain and get the damn iPad out of the car. Happy now?

Me: Yes. Oh! Oh! And we can write a blog entry about this while it's cooling!

Me: *eyeroll*

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  1. You are officially crazy, lol.

    But a part of me knows that I will be the exact same way when I get my iPad. :p