Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Week Cal HD review

Of course, the iPad version of Week Calendar came out right after I started my maternity leave, when I have far less to schedule. Two weeks earlier and I would have been using it nonstop, but between doctor's appointments, a few social engagements, and new-parenty events like babywearing workshops and Meet the Midwives open houses, I've used it more than enough to form my opinions.

And I love it!!

Basically, it's exactly what I thought I'd be getting when I opened up the included Calendar app on my iPad, but was disappointed to find missing. It works exactly the way an iPad calendar should - you can swipe to move between days/weeks/months/years (depending on which view you're in), tap-and-hold in the appropriate time slot to add an event, tap-and-drag to move an event, double-tap on a day to zoom into it, etc etc etc. Apple clearly was not thinking about the affordances of their own UI when they designed their calendar, but Utilitap kept it in mind. However you think you should be able to interact with a calendar on the iPad, Week Cal HD actually does it that way.

I have not yet had a chance to see how it does when syncing with iCal on my laptop or desktop. I did notice, when I opened up the Calendar app to double-check what it can and can't do (basically all can'ts), all of my Week Cal events were automatically in there! And when I added an event there, it showed up in Week Cal. So it's fully syncing with the normal calendar app, in case you want or need to use that for some things.

Highly recommended, and a steal at only $2.99!

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