Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Well, I did it.

Yesterday I placed my order on Amazon for a 32 GB iPad 4 with Sprint 4G.

I skipped the 3rd gen, and was planning to wait until March/April to upgrade. But with the introduction of the 128GB iPads, most people aren't expecting another real upgrade til October. But iOS 6 is jailbreakable now, and it might not be come October. Or the new processor might not be. So I don't really want to wait til the iPad 5 gets jailbroken, which would probably be a year from now.

What I was really hoping for was that with the next version Apple would drop the 16GB and drop the 32GB to $500 - I definitely need more space, but since I also wanted to upgrade to 4G with this version I'm not that happy to be paying extra for both. But that's how it goes - I want a nicer iPad than I bought last time, I gotta pay for it.

With prime shipping, it should be here tomorrow. The thing I'm most excited for, I gotta admit, is the better camera. Since I have my iPad on me more than my camera, I've taken a lot of photos and videos of my toddler on it, starting the day we brought him home from the hospital. But of course, the photos are mostly crap. I've had a few that look ok (not great) printed out at 4x6, but most are way too grainy to even bother printing. A halfway decent camera on my iPad will be awesome!

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