Friday, April 1, 2011

iPad + Netflix = yoga

In addition to my iPad, I also just got a wireless-n router, which has much better range than my g router did. As a result, I can easily get the Internet in the basement (isn't it cute how the iPad thinks the word Internet should be capitalized?), which is where my elliptical machine is located. Today I read an ebook while on the elliptical, so no aerobic internetting for me yet.

But I did get another exercise advantage - I could do the prenatal yoga video from my Netflix instant queue, turning the basement into a total gym! Before you ask, yes, I do have a laptop - but it's (get ready to laugh) a PowerBook G4, which means that Netflix streaming won't work on it! So until now I'd had my choice of yoga in the office, in front of my desktop (which, being up on a desk, is hard to see from down on the yoga mat) or in the living room with the Wii - but our living room is actually too tiny to do yoga in. The big basement room with the iPad on the floor with me worked much more nicely!

It's ridiculous, really, how attached I am to this stupid IPad. I carry it around all over the house and everywhere I go out and about, and usually find a use for it. Is this normal??? I assume it will die down a bit in time.... Or possibly get much worse!

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