Sunday, April 3, 2011

My case/stylus dilemma

I realized within a couple of days of getting my lovely new iPad 2 into my hands that I needed a case, and I needed one now. For one thing, I was scared to take it out of the house as long as it was bare for fear of dropping it. Plus, I clearly needed a stand of some sort or else typing on the thing would never be less than a major annoyance.

Normally I'm a rather obsessive comparison shopper when it comes to this sort of thing (or any sort of thing), so those first couple of days I had done just that. And realized quickly that there just aren't that many 2 cases out yet, and if I waited for the perfect one to hit stores I'd miss out on a lot of use of my $500 investment in the meantime. So I finally decided to just go with one of the two cases being carried at my local Best Buy.

Note to self: BlogPress clearly does NOT auto-save as so many other apps do. I just lost half an entry due to not saving and then having to reboot the iPad. Anyhow, time to redo a couple paragraphs.

I bought a Targus VuScape for $40, and have generally been quite happy with it so far. It serves well as both a case and a stand; it fits well, looks nice, has good angles as a stand, and seems like it would actually protect the iPad if I dropped it.

But then, a few days later, I bought another Targus product - their stylus. Again, it's a great item, I love it for jotting down to do lists and things like that. However, I have realized one major problem with the VuScape... Apparently, Targus did not consider the fact that some users might actually buy both of these items. There is nowhere in the case to stash the stylus!!

This is a problem. These styli aren't as cheap as the pens that I constantly lose. I really don't want to have to buy a new one every week or two. Plus, if I have no easy way to carry the stylus with the iPad, I have no easy way to actually use the stylus regularly, making it a rather pointless investment.

Now, there are a couple potential solutions out there. For one thing, there are various styli out there that include a tether that plugs into the iPad's headphone plug. This would keep the stylus nearby, for sure - but it would just be dangling there all the time. Less than ideal.

I have also been pointed to a couple of different cases that do have a spot for the stylus - but they don't also function as a stand, which is more vital to me, really.

So for now I am stuck. If you've seen a good solution to this dilemma, please, leave a comment!

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