Tuesday, July 19, 2011

G+ app - disappearing act - UPDATED

I didn't act fast enough today, and apparently missed out on the Google+ app!

The app was widely reported in the blogosphere to have gone up this morning, and even to have already received one update. But I guess the update wasn't enough to quell widespread reports of the app's instability and constant crashing, because it appears to have been pulled entirely. The app store links in these posts no longer work, and a search in the store for Google gives no love.

So perhaps it's best that I missed out, so that I didn't have to be frustrated by an app that just wasn't ready yet - but I sure hope they get it together and repost it soon!

Update: It seems that it wasn't pulled (although there are still stability complaints) - it's simply only available for iPhone (not even iPod touch), to the point that you can't even view it in the app store if you're on an iPad. Very odd, I wonder what it is about it that makes it not usable on the iPad unlike almost all other iPhone apps.

Therefore, the many headlines touting the arrival of an iOS app are wrong - this is iPhone-only, not for all of iOS. Eagerly awaiting the iPad version!

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  1. Disappearing act, indeed. Found your blog while googling why the iPad app has disappeared from the store. I actually paid $0.99 and was looking it up so that I could give it a shit rating. The iPhone app works; the iPad app sux. Don't mourn its disappearance. You saved a buck.

  2. Arch, that sucks to hear. Right now G+ is nearly unusable in the browser, and the iPhone app was a big disappointment. I'm pretty much not using it until we get a usable app for it.